Lani Misalucha, Tuluyang Nabingi Dahil sa Matinding Karamdaman na Pinagdaraanan Niya Ngayon

Lani Misalucha is one of the judges of the singing competition “The Clash.” Unfortunately, due to her health complications, Lani had to leave the show and Pops Fernandez took her place. Many viewers were wondering why the singer had to leave the show. In a recent interview, Lani finally spoke up about her challenges these past few months which changed her life.
In an interview, Lani claimed that she misses working in “The Clash.” However, due to her medical condition, the doctor has barred her from overworking herself while she is still recuperating.
According to the singer, the doctor has diagnosed her with bacterial meningitis after she was admitted in a hospital.

“Ang nangyari po sa akin ay mas matindi sa covid. Bingi po talaga ang nangyari sa akin, sa right side ko, sa aming mag-asawa. At meron po kaming vestibular dysfunction kaya kailangan namin ng alalay lagi,” says Lisa. She was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis way back in October 10 this year.
On that fateful day, Lisa and her husband was rushed to the hospital after feeling extreme fatigue, headache, nausea, and hearing loss.
According to Lisa, they suspect that they contracted the bacteria in a restaurant, where they ate pork. However, Lisa refused to name the establishment because her theory has not yet been proven.
“Hirap akong kumanta. Hindi ko naririnig masyado ang boses ko. Bingi yung kanan, biningi ng bacteria yung kanang tenga ko. Nakakarinig yung kaliwang tenga, pero hindi one hundred percent. Ang weird pa, ang dinig ko sa music, nagpa-fluctuate yung pitch, yung key, as in parang pinakinggan mo si Ading Fernando na kumakanta, yung nasisintunado?”
There is no cure for bacterial meningitis. It may also result in permanent hearing loss. Because of this, Lani Misalucha might never be a guest judge in the show again.
Despite this, the singer remains thankful for the Lord for giving them another chance in life.
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