Lolo na Walang Pambili ng Face Mask, Napaiyak Matapos Itong Gawin sa Kanya ng Sundalo sa Checkpoint!


For almost nine months now, the government has imposed several strict guidelines to curb the spread of coronavirus in the Philippines. Nationwide, people in public are required to wear face mask and face shield as a precautionary measure. Experts believe that proper hygiene and correct mask-wearing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of this highly-transmissible disease.

Law enforcement authorities are strict when it comes to regulating proper mask-wearing in public. Under the Bayanihan Act, they are also authorized to penalize anyone violating this.

However, this ‘solution’ also poses a problem for a big part of the population. Not all people are capable of buying face masks and face shields.

So in order to avoid penalties, some less fortunate families have to resort to desperate measures just to get a face mask. Earlier this month, a photo of an elderly man in Cauayan City, Isabela, spread on social media. The man had no money to buy a proper face mask and face shield, so he made an alternative shield using banana leaves.

The elderly man passed by a checkpoint on Brgy. Alinam on his bike. PSSG Mark Anthony Ramirez noticed his bizarre face mask and stopped him.

They found out that the elderly man doesn’t have enough money to buy a proper face shield. Instead of penalizing him, PSSG Ramirez decided to help the elderly man!

He provided him with a proper N-95 face mask to protect himself from the virus. He also shared some kind words to the old man and commended him for being resourceful just to follow the regulations. The Cauayan City Police Station shared his heartwarming story on social media.

As expected, this man’s pitiful situation earned the empathy of the netizens. Many people reached out to him to extend help. They also praised the kindhearted PSSG for his initiative in helping the old man.

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