Mister na Sumama kay Kabit, Tuluyang Tinalikuran ang Asawa at Tatlong Anak Nila

For any wife, nothing is ever more painful than getting betrayed by your husband. Sadly, most marriages nowadays end up broken due to infidelity. This is also what happened to this wife, who shared her heartbreaking story on social media. Jerlyn Busaco revealed the challenges that she went through after she found out that her husband had another woman, which eventually ruined their family.

At first, Jerlyn’s husband cover up his infidelity by saying that he is with his senior officer. However, as time goes by, the wife starts to notice her husband’s odd behavior of not coming home on time.

She started to get suspicious, and that’s when she found out that her husband was having an affair with a woman named Ginafe Martinez. Apparently, the two have been in an illicit relationship for the past eight months.

“I was trying to fix my family and even talk to him heart to heart, he told me that he loves us and he just had some reasons why he was having relationship with the woman. I still understood him and even neglected the advices of others just to save our family. But as time goes by, the situation gets worse,” wrote Jerlyn on Facebook.

Despite his shortcomings, Jerlyn decided to forgive her husband for the sake of their kids. But he never stopped seeing his mistress. In fact, it even came to a point when he will only spend one or two hours in their family home.

At one point, Jerlyn became pregnant again, but instead of changing her husband’s perspective, he just ordered her to abort the baby.

It even came to a point when Jerlyn went through depression due to their marital problems. Despite all her sacrifices and efforts to fix their family, her husband still chooses to go with his mistress.

So in the end, Jerlyn decided to stop trying to fix their marriage. Instead, she made the better decision of focusing on raising her kids.

“My 2019 was full of challenges yet I know my God won’t leave me. And later on I could understand why I need to experience all of this. My married life ended too soon, but my life as a mother has just begun. I will just focus on my children and those who truly love me and my babies,” says Jerlyn.

As of writing, her Facebook post has already garnered more than 46,000 reactions and 38,000 shares. Many netizens also reached out to Jerlyn, offering her words of encouragement amid the hardships she experienced.

Did you also have a similar experience like this wife? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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